Exterior Signage

There are many moving parts to nailing an exterior signage project. Working with the appropriate township to get the most bang for your buck while staying within local signage ordinances is a delicate dance.

Gaining approval from the city is not the only piece of the puzzle. We use only the highest quality materials and stick to vigorous electrical standards to help ensure that your signage lasts – even in these harsh Midwest winters. Channel letters, monument signs, pylon signs, you name it – we’ve done it.

Channel Letters

Machine-bent letters with LED illumination that can be built in just about any configuration, and can be installed either mounted flush to the wall or onto a raceway.

Monument Signs

Typically roadside and illuminated, monument signs are targeted toward drivers and sidewalk traffic. Can be built to facilitate multiple tenants via exchangeable polycarbonate panels.

Wall Cabinets

Generally mounted above the entrance to a commercial space. Illuminated with incandescent bulbs and built from custom-made aluminum frames.

Pylon Panels

Pylon panels are generally seen in parkways or at an entrance of an area which hosts multiple companies. Panels are cut individually to be easily interchanged and are personalized with translucent vinyl that can withstand the elements.

Site Signs

Traditionally 4′ x 8′ or 4′ x 4′ with a variety of post mounting options. Popular with construction and real estate firms, ICON produces site signs with extremely competitive pricing.

Wall Signs

We fabricate a variety of different types of wall signage in-house. Options range from blade signs that hang above the sidewalk to dimensional front-lit signage mounted flush with the wall.