Banners are a staple of the ICON wheelhouse. Cost-effective and quick to turn around, they can be used in almost any situation to help you get your message out there. We print directly to fabric, mesh, vinyl, and more.

Outdoor Vinyl

Durable and printed to last. The standard banner produced by ICON is rated for however long you need it to last.

Lightpole Banners

Lightpole banners are a great way to capture the attention of drivers & pedestrians.  They’re used year round for holiday decoration to give your town a welcoming feel.  Printed on high quality durable vinyl, our banners stand up to the toughest weather conditions.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banner isn’t as affected by wind compared to its solid counterparts. Wind flows freely through mesh which enables banners to be used in exponentially larger sizes.


Fabric offers elasticity that other types of banner material don’t. It’s often used for indoor applications ranging from tradeshows to permanent interior decoration.