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In-Store Branding

Something we genuinely appreciate about working in Grand Rapids is that we’ve got quite the tight knit community. It’s bursting with creatives, entrepreneurs, and dream chasers. It’s full of folks that have awesome ideas engaging in teamwork to accomplish their goals.

One of these creative individuals is our friend Ryan, General Manager for one of the eight Chow Hound stores. His role doesn’t yield to just helping customers find the products they need. He wanted to establish a new way of directing those who came through his stores. We’ve all been there before – bypassing each aisle, trying to decipher a line by line description of what’s presented on the shelves.

Ryan wanted to engage the shoppers with large, illustrated, visual displays – an alternative to signs featuring a list view of merchandise. The end goal was to create a 360°, four-panel cube, portraying an image that represented the aisle’s contents on each side.

The process starts with a product we commonly use known as Sintra – it’s a PVC composite that’s easy to print on.

As the print carriage runs the length of the gantry, ink is sprayed on the Sintra. At the same time, the trailing and leading UV bulbs emit intense light that instantly cures the ink. This makes it possible for the printer to handle the Sintra as soon as the printing is complete.

Once the print is finished, the printer operator walks the Sintra over to our good friends at Zoomer Display. They use a Zünd to route each of the shapes needed for each side of the cube.

At this point, production starts assembling the individual pieces together. We apply acrylic L-brackets to the backside of the cutouts and join the substrate together with pop rivets. The finished product is then picked up and taken to each of the Chow Hound stores.

We loved working with Chow Hound on this project. Ryan had an original idea, and through teamwork, we were able to bring it to life. We’re thankful for being able to work side by side with another local, family owned company.


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