ICON Sign is a full-service print and sign shop that strives to be fast, fun and cost-effective.

ICON’s founder James first opened his (basement) doors in 2004 — and with the help of his trusty 30” vinyl plotter, he started cranking out yard signs, site signs, banners and other miscellaneous graphics for a few clients that we still hold near and dear to our hearts today.

Fast forward a decade

We’re now a company of 16 strong located on Grand Rapids’ growing Westside that prides ourselves on our creativity and ingenuity.  Our toolbelt is ever-expanding and so is our quest for knowledge in all things print, signage, and graphics.

convenient location


Real life people

We think it’s helpful to put faces to the names. We don’t like the idea of just firing off an email to some random person on the other side of the country and hoping that they know what you mean when you say something like “Well, I’m looking for …. hmm, some sort of a sign… one that, you know, that really pops.”

Do you have a project you’d like to send our way? Email us